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Everything you need if you loose your phone


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Cerberus is a tool designed so that in the unfortunate event that you lose your phone, due to it either being stolen or left somewhere, it can be recovered or locked so that nobody can compromise your privacy.

To use the application you have three choices: through the official Cerberus website itself, from where you can perform many actions depending on prior registration; through text messages, and through a tool called 'SIM Checker', which lets you receive alerts if your terminal is accessed using another card.

Among the benefits found on Cerberus are, for example, the ability to locate and track your phone from the website, or trigger a loud alarm that will sound on the terminal even if it is set to silent. In addition, you can delete the entire contents of the memory card or lock the device with a special code.

Perhaps though, one of the most interesting options is the one that allows you to take a photo of anyone who makes the mistake of trying to unlock the screen, meaning that as long as the terminal has a front camera, you will have a picture of the suspected thief.

Cerberus is one of those applications where it is better to never discover just how useful it can be.